About me

Hi there :)

My name is Cristian Marquez Russo and I began to love IT when I was around 14 years old. I was building batch programs on MSDOS and QBasic back then.

I ran my own “startup” fixing computers and building internet cafes years after. I implemented “automation” using Norton Ghost and protecting the PCs with Deep Freeze.

Soon after I discovered Linux and I started playing with it. My first distro was Connectiva, but I continued exploring others :Debian, Slackware and Ututo, a distro from Salta, my City. Mount was manual by then and you needed to compile the kernel from time to time. I learn lots thanks to the OpenSource community!

I started building and maintaining servers. I played with OpenMosix, a cluster management system, and with my first Virtual Machines. (VirtualPC and QEMU)

I built mobile applications, web pages, SOAP and REST API’s. I learn how to test them and how to perform automated testing.

I also did penetration and security testing, infrastructure automation, Continuous Integration and Continous Deployment pipelines.

I continued working on Site Reliability Engineering using Public Clouds providers in 2014, mainly AWS, DigitalOcean and Google Cloud. I’ve also used Docker and Docker Swarm for some of my solutions.

I started using Kubernetes in 2016 and I’ve being working with it since then. I am planning to get both CKA and CKAD certifications in 2019.

I am currently providing consulting via my own company: CLVR Cloud LTD